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Selling to the Government of Nova Scotia


The Government of Nova Scotia spends an estimated $800 million annually on a wide range of goods, services and construction. The Procurement Services division of the Department of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism, is responsible for managing the procurement process on behalf of government departments, agencies, boards and commissions. This includes providing guidance on procurement policy and processes, assisting with the development of tender specifications, preparing tender documents for public advertisement, as well as assisting with evaluation, contract award and maintenance.

In addition to the above, Procurement Services provides assistance to businesses and entrepreneurs interested in competing for business opportunities with the Nova Scotia Government through Supplier Development activities. For more information, visit www.gov.ns.ca/tenders/vendor-information.aspx.

The Purchasing Process

The Nova Scotia procurement process is guided by the Sustainable Procurement Policy and the Public Procurement Act. These have been developed to ensure alignment with two trade agreements - the Atlantic Procurement Agreement, and the Agreement on Internal Trade.

For high dollar purchases, Departments work directly with Procurement Services to acquire all goods, services and construction through the use of a public tender. There are various terms and conditions that suppliers must adhere to when submitting a response to a tender posting that are clearly outlined in the tender documents.

For low dollar purchases, Departments have been delegated the authority to acquire goods, services or construction while ensuring the best value for the Province of Nova Scotia. Departments seek quotes directly from the supplier community and award to the bid that provides the best value.

The Province also establishes standing offers where the supplier agrees to provide certain goods or services on an "as required" basis, during a particular period of time and at a predetermined price or discount. The terms and conditions are set up in advance and vary depending on the type of goods or services to be provided. In most cases, standing offers are issued as regular tenders and are posted on our Procurement website. Standing Offers are communicated to provincial departments through internal information systems.

Accessing Supply Opportunities

High Value

Registration is not required in order to bid on opportunities issued by the Government of Nova Scotia. Tender opportunities can be viewed online at the procurement website www.gov.ns.ca/tenders or can be obtained by contacting Procurement Services. There is no fee for viewing these documents.

Many tenders can be viewed, downloaded, and in some instances submitted through the procurement website. If you do not have access to the internet, tender documents can be obtained from Procurement Services. Some tenders require a bid security, deposit, or other documentation; these are identified in the tender notice, and these tenders cannot be downloaded.

Low Value

As mentioned earlier, these opportunities are sourced directly by Government departments, therefore in order to access these opportunities you need to market your goods and services directly to these Departments. To assist you with this, the Supplier Development Program has developed the “Public Sector Purchasing Contacts Directory”, which will help you easily find and communicate with the right people, and increase your business with the Nova Scotia Government. This directory is available on the Procurement Services website at:www.gov.ns.ca/tenders/vendor-information/contacts-directory.aspx

Contacting Us

If you require further information on how to sell to the Government of Nova Scotia, please contact us at:

Procurement Services Department of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism 6176 Young Street, Suite 200 Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 2A6

Tel: (902) 424-3333 Toll-free: 1-866-399-3377 Fax: (902) 424-0622

Email: ptenders@gov.ns.ca Website: www.gov.ns.ca/tenders