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Selling to the Government of New Brunswick


The Government of New Brunswick spends an estimated $ 600 million annually on procurement of goods, services and construction-related requirements. The range of goods and services required is vast and includes office supplies, cleaning products, building products, vehicle/equipment rentals, parts and servicing, training, maintenance services and professional services.

These goods and services are purchased by the Strategic Procurement Branch, Department of Government Services, which is responsible for tender administration and the issuance of purchase orders on behalf of government departments and agencies. Under some circumstances, departments have been given purchasing authority and within specified limits are able to purchase independently and without public tender.

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The Purchasing Process

The process for procuring these goods and services is governed by the Public Purchasing Act and Regulations, the Atlantic Procurement Agreement, the Agreement on Internal Trade, the Agreement on the Opening of Public Procurement for New Brunswick and Quebec, and the Atlantic Provinces Standard Terms and Conditions. These documents can be viewed online at www.gnb.ca/tenders.

The goal of this process is to maximize competition so as to achieve the best value for money while ensuring that all suppliers who wish to compete for government contracts have a fair and open opportunity to do so.

Accessing Supply Opportunities

On-line Bidding Opportunities

Official tender documents for goods and services, as well as tender notices for highway and building construction issued on behalf of the province are available free of charge on the New Brunswick Opportunities Network (NBON).


NBON is a Web based service for advertising and distributing goods and services tenders. Access is free to vendors and electronic downloading of the tender documents is also free. Electronic bidding is offered on selected tenders.

Selling to the Government of New Brunswick

This site also contains some tenders issued by other public sector bodies such as municipalities, regional health authorities, crown corporations, universities, regional landfill corporations and the Atlantic Lottery Corporation.

Registration is required in order to bid on tenders issued by the Government of New Brunswick. Tenders can be viewed online on the New Brunswick Opportunities Network .There is no fee for viewing or downloading these documents.

Some tenders require a bid security, deposit, industry certification or other documentation. Any special instructions will be identified in the tender notice or tender document.

The NBON will also allow vendors to register with the Strategic Procurement Branch and indicate the products and services they have to offer. The system can automatically notify vendors by e-mail when tenders are posted for products they sell.

Registration and access to the NBON is free of charge.

Other Bidding Opportunities

In some instances, goods and services are purchased using Contract of Supply or Standing Offer Contracts. These are long-term contracts with an effective date and an expiry date for the supply of goods and services. These contracts are established to ensure a source of supply, to obtain lower prices by bulk purchasing and to save time by eliminating the requirement to tender each individual purchase.

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