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Atlantic Supplier Development

From light bulbs to windmills, if you sell it, we want it!  With billions of dollars in procurement spending by our Atlantic provinces each year, we want to make sure that your business has the opportunity to work with both the provincial and federal governments in this region.

All selling to government is regulated and many businesses overlook this big market in their back yard because they feel it is too complex. Yet each year, hundreds of competing businesses win government contracts.

The Atlantic Supplier Development Team (ASDT) is a group of government procurement professionals who have come together to help firms in Atlantic Canada gain access to public sector supply opportunities.  The ASDT works at this by educating Atlantic suppliers on how to sell to government, and by making businesses aware of where and what opportunities may exist for their product or service.  By having the ASDT working with Atlantic suppliers, you can be confident that government purchases are supporting local business.

The list of goods and services purchased by the public sector is virtually endless, and with such a wide variety of products and services always in demand, we want you to be a part of it.   Opportunities are just a click away.  Visit the websites above to find those that match your line of business.     As well, take a few moments to learn more about how to do business with us (see our “Selling to Government” section).  The ASDT wants to encourage Atlantic firms to sell to governments and we do this by promoting and drawing your attention to the hundreds of available sales opportunities. 

If you have questions about Atlantic supplier development or would like further information on how to sell goods and services to provincial or federal governments in the region, please refer to the ASDT membership listing on this page for an appropriate contact person.